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We allow your child to experience the world around them through sensory integration exercises tailored to their specific needs. We assess your child's responses to different stimuli and work with them to improve their sensory modulation.



Our listening programs strive to provide a broad range of sensory input to the child's brain as they carry out different motor activities. This promotes better information processing, which is essential for occupational therapy.

fine motor skills

hand writing

Our program focuses on aiding the child to enhance his handwriting fluency, speed, legibility, and self-esteem. It can be hard for a child with handwriting difficulties, so we want to help them out.

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Pediatric occupational therapists

Does My Child Need Pediatric OT?

Are day-to-day activities a struggle

Does the child have difficulties with opening packages, handwriting, getting dressed, touching different textures, eating different textures, falling and clumsiness, fine motor skills, holding items, or social skills?

If so, you may need a pediatric occupational therapist's help for your child. Check out our blog!

What we bring to the table


We're not just pediatric occupational therapists; we genuinely care for each and every individual child we interact with. We get how much of an impact our therapy can have on a child's life, and we're here to help them achieve great things.


Compassion is the core value we base our practice on. We treat each child individually and listen to their needs and those of your family so that we can provide them with the best quality service possible. We know this journey can be tough, and we're here to support you and your family.


We understand that having a unique child can be challenging for some parents at times. That's why we're here to help! We'll hold your hand and let you be involved in your child's therapy so you can better understand their needs and how to help them.


Communication is key to every successful occupational therapy treatment program. As pediatric occupational therapists, we'll make sure you and your child can communicate with us comfortably. Our lines are always open when you need us.

Ways We Can Help

Through individual and group sessions:

At Skill Point Therapy, we provide individualized and group pediatric therapies tailored to your family's needs. Sessions usually last an hour and take place once or twice a week. We can arrange for your therapy sessions to occur in your own home, at a park, at your child's daycare, or even via teletherapy.

The best "next step" is to contact us to talk about the specifics of your needs to see what might be the best approach for your child.

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